Best Bandsaws For Resawing (2021) – [Complete Buyer Guides and Reviews]

Resawing is a complex artful job for woodworkers. A resaw bandsaw is the right tool for this job if you want more precision, accurately and safeness. That said if you are looking for the smoothest cuts, ripping lumber into thinner slabs, then look for the best bandsaws for resawing.

A bandsaw is a power saw tool with a long sharp blade able to carve an exciting pattern. It is considered as a lifesaver for woodworkers, capable to cut woods into curved or straight shapes.

They are powerful enough to cut larger workpieces yet versatile enough than miter saws and table saws. 

Well, keep on reading, as I will take you through proven and reliable bandsaws for your projects.


Best Bandsaws For Resawing Quick Comparison


If you are willing to splash the cash, then invest wisely in the best material. The JET JWBS-14DXPRO pays its price. It is a multipurpose 14 inches bandsaw performing different woodworking tasks. A multipurpose bandsaw executes different multi-functions. The versatility of this device permits to accomplish different tasks. That is, you can cut metals using this bandsaw.

It has a 105-inches blade length with a dual blade system. It has also a double-speed belt drive system enabling users to control speed from 3000 FPM to 1500 FPM. This bandsaw is very versatile to resaw large chunks of wood. 13.5 inches of throat capacity enables woodworkers to perform different resawing tasks. Its tabletop handle wood weighs by its 15×15 inches.

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO comes with a 1.25 HP motor with a powerful cutting capacity. It is manufactured with 115V wiring, which can be updated to 200V.

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO does not come with a rip fence and few pins. Although, it comes boxed with all the features you may want.

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Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175

The Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 bandsaw offers nitty-gritty features for woodworkers. Its 1 3/4 HP motor performs quite impressive. On top of that, its sturdy cast iron table ensures reliability and durability.

The Laguna 1412-175 model’s sheer precision still performs better than the same price range model. It performs impressively as long as you follow instructions from the manufacturer accordingly. Bear in mind that previous experience counts if you want the best out of the machine.

The quick notable feature of this bandsaw is its sturdiness and stability. The steel frame can cope with several intensities, at the same time increasing the stability of the unit.
Though it may not sound impressive, the 1412-175 performs incredibly when comparing it with different models. You need to count on this bandsaw if you want precise cuts.

The 1412-175 model wheels are pretty reliable in a well-designed shape. Though most heavy-duty bandsaws wheels are not that great, nothing should stop you from using the MBAND1412-175.

The portability of this unit is outstanding, and the wheel balance perfectly with the weight of the machine. The MBAND1412-175 table tilts 45 degrees to the right side and 7 degrees to the left. You will also find a positive stop at the 90 degrees mark, designed to facilitate its users to speed up the measuring process quickly.

Though bandsaws are mostly used for wood cutting, the Laguna 1412-175 model can also be used for metal cutting if you set up a proper blade. However, keep in mind to follow the manufacturer’s advice if you want the tool’s longevity.
Thanks to the option to rotate the rip fence on the table, depending on the nature of the project.

The MBAND1412-175 cast iron table and steep frame enhance strengths for the heaviest woods. Overall, the Laguna MBAND1412-175 is a multi-functional bandsaw that pays its price.

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Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw 14"

Are you still searching for the best bandsaw? Find out if the Grizzly G0555LX is what you were looking for.
One of the great features of the Grizzly G0555LX is that it does not vibrate while working. This is another bandsaw for you if you want smooth and pitch-perfect results. Thanks to its built-in cast-iron wheels and balanced tires.

Another great feature of this bandsaw is the 1800 and 3100 FPM blade speeds. In simple words, you can set up how you want the blades to function. Its table measure 1.5 inches thick with 14 x 14 inches, which is an average size.

The Grizzly G0555LX comes up in a T-shaped aluminum eye-catching design. The versatility of the G0555LX permits to work either on metalwork or on woodwork. 1 HP motor of this model delivers a maximum cutting capacity of 13″.

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RIKON Power Tools 10-305 10-inches

The Rikon 10-305 bandsaw comes with an adjustable rip fence, which can be upgraded easily. Adjustable rip fences provide accuracy and precision. It facilitates woodworkers to cut any material with a smooth lined cut.
Another great feature about an adjustable rip fence is the safety. It protects from kickbacks, which can be harmful even for experienced bandsaw users. Keep in mind to apply the right safety gear. An adjusted rip fence allows you to line up the fence depending on the material to cut.

The Rikon 10-305 bandsaw comes with an eye-catching design, durable enough than plastic models. Its table size provides excellent space for work, compared to bandsaws with the same model.

Its built-in 1/3 HP motor delivers enough power to cut bowls and pen blacks into pieces. It does also feature 4-5/8 resaw capacity.
If you need a high-speed bandsaw for proper resawing, then look no further. The Rikon 10-305 delivers what you need. Its commanding 1/3 HP motor generates enough fluidity to cut large planks effortlessly.

Another great feature about the Rikon 10-305 is the dust cleaning system. With this machine, you are free from sawdust. This is what makes the bandsaw worth buying. Connect a vacuum hose to the dust port, and you are good to go.

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WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work-light, 10"

The wen 3962 two-speed bandsaw comes in different inches size. You can choose 9 inches, 10 inches, or 14 inches. The 10 inches bandsaw is the best choice for a small room workshop.
The bandsaw is powerful enough for your woodworking tasks yet as a small-sized device. It is the best choice for hobbyist woodworkers. The affordable price of the model makes it attractive and ideal for small projects.

Comparing to several 10 inches bandsaw, the WEN 3962 Two-Speed 10″ outperforms them incredibly. Its table size can resaw multiple woods with 6 inches cutting height and 9.75 throat capacity. It is also suitable for book-match resawing.

Another great feature is the 2 speeds levels. You vary its blade speed at 1520 SFPM and 2620 SFPM depending on the nature of the project. Both speed levels and sturdy blade transform the model as a versatile bandsaw for resawing.

Its 3.5-amp motor generates enough energy for heavy-duty performance. As you keep working on different materials, you may need to replace the blade.

The Wen 3962 bandsaw 10-inches come with different blade sizes, which allow flexibility to change from 1/8 inches to ½ inches.
It comes boxed with great accessories such as maneuverable work lights for the table. It is also manufactured with a flexible rip fence and a miter gauge for more precision work.

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How to Find The Best Bandsaws For Resawing

The bandsaw is the most convenient tool, powerful enough to cut joints, cut curves, crosscut, and rip. It is a suitable machine to resaw a wood into different thinner pieces. That said, it is the most valued tool any woodworker can own.
It is the most versatile tool capable of performing different tasks you may need in a table saw or miter saw.
It is also an easy-to-operate tool, which does not take much space. All you need is the best bandsaw that guarantees smooth cuts and durable investment.

Follow these specific factors need to land the finest model:

Power of the Motor

The first thing you need to check before you invest in a bandsaw is the motor’s horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the better performance. If you want to speed up your work, buy a 1.5 to 3.5 HP motor.

Right Blade

Before you invest in a bandsaw, you need to double-check the quality of the blade. This is important because how smooth your cuts depend on the blade. You need to buy a blade with three or four dents (TPI) per inch.
The ideal size of the teeth must have 5 or 10 rates with easy to follow hook configuration. Anything from 59-1 / 2 inches to 72 inches size is considered ideal.

Choose Right Tension

Quality tension in your blade will smooth out and speed up your cuts. When starting with a new saw cut, regulate the sheet pressure slightly higher to remove the wiggle. Remember to release the tension on the blade before it starts to spin or flutter.

Final Thoughts

Woodworking requires more effort with multitasking. You need to perform different tasks to smooth out your final product. The Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro bandsawis the best bandsaw to process resawing. The 14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro remains among the top-rated bandsaw.

The model will ease out resawing. It will turn your resawing task into a piece of cake.

Without further delays, invest in the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro bandsaw and see magic outcomes. 

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